Eli Hershberger Jr

Eli Hershberger Jr

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Five Stars

I am so lucky to have found my Corgi pup through Chris's website Find My New Pup. (She was named Hailey, but after knowing her for a short time my nieces each chose a name, so she is now Phoebe Lily.) I drove from Chicago to Mr. and Mrs. Hershberger Jr's lovely home in Ohio to pick her up when she was 8 weeks old, she's now 16 weeks. She's perfect, health wise. It's clear that she grew up in a healthy family environment. Phoebe loves being around children, which can be challenging for puppies. As we live in a city she meets lots of people, and she's always confident. She has all her shots so I let her meet other dogs that seem safe, and she's always sociable. She has made a great friend with a family dog who has never made friends with a puppy before. Corgis are working dogs, so I give her lots of exercise, including training. Which is easy because she's motivated by food, toys, and praise. (She was potty trained two weeks after she came home!) I think her adaptability and eagerness to learn reflect a solid upbringing with her human family, as well as her mom and litter mates. Many thanks to Chris and the Hershberger family.