Dennis Hershberger

Dennis Hershberger

Breeder Reviews

Ric H
Five Stars

After looking around for a while we finally found a puppy that interested us! She was posted on and After contacting Mrs. Hoover I was meant with a quick and prompt response! We quickly scheduled a time to meet with the breeder. As soon as we arrived, My wife and I quickly fell in love with Isabel. We agreed to adapt out new fur baby! After waiting a few weeks so she could spend a little more time with her mother, we excitedly pick her up to take her home! Through out this process, Mrs. Hoover was always in contact letting us know what was going on! When we arrived to pick Isabel up from the breeder he was more worried about explaining what all was done to her to make her ready for adaption then the payment! To me that was awesome! Most breeders nowadays are more consumed by the money, but he wanted to make sure that we knew fully of what was going on. If we do adopt another fur baby in the future we will definitely be adopting from him, and hope that Mrs. Hoover is the one coordinating the process!
Again thank you so much for making this process with Isabel a fun time! Please tell the breeder that she is doing well and we really do appreciate being able to adopt from him.

-Ric H

Heidi N
Five Stars

We are so excited with our new puppy! He’s so happy, healthy, and well adjusted! He fit right in with our kids and you could tell he was well socialized! He has such a great personality and is absolutely adorable!

-Heidi N

Sherry S
Five Stars

I had a great experience when recently getting my puppy Teddy! Chris responded to all my questions in a timely manner and was able to work out all the logistics in order for me to meet the breeder, whom also was able to answer any questions that I had. I was very pleased with the overall outcome of the entire process.

I wanted to thank you again for your services in helping us find Teddy! We love him so much already. I will be sure to pass along photos as well for you.

-Sherry S

Jaime C
Five Stars

This airedoodle puppy has brought so much joy to our family. He was totally worth the 8 hour drive to Ohio! He is sweet, well tempered, healthy, and pretty darn smart. He only had a few accidents in the house before he was for the most part trained to go outside. He gets along very well with our other dogs and loves the kids.
I would recommend this breeder and will definitely use them again if we think about getting another dog. When we went to pick up Marley he was all ready to go with his papers, chip, and even a ‘doggie bag’ with a bag of starter food and puppy care pamphlets. Fanny was super sweet and helpful too. Thanks for this wonderful puppy that we love so much and look forward to his silly antics each day.

-Jaime C

Katelyn H
Five Stars

I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a golden for, and when I found you guys I was so excited! We drove 6 hours to go pick up our pup, and we are so incredibly in love with him.


When we first got Kendrick, his new name is Sailor, he got very sick. And my husband and I felt so blessed to have you guys there during the entire heart wrenching process. Not only did you keep in touch, but you also willingly refunded us all the money for Sailor’s medical bills. He is one happy and healthy pup now, and we couldn’t be any happier with our little man. Thank you for being so good at what you do!

-Katelyn H

Jasmine R
Five Stars

Hello my name is Jasmine R from Cleveland ohio! I recently purchased a beautiful Bernedoodle from you her name was Phoebe but we changed it to Luna! The people there were extremely nice and caring and made this purchase as easy as possible. She same with a big bag of food and her shot records and she has been a joy in our house since! I would recommend anyone who wants a Bernedoodle contact

-Jasmine R

Gaby G
Five Stars

I have only amazing things to say about Chris and the way she walked me through the process of getting our new puppy. She was attentive and answered all of my many many questions, she helped me understand the process and made me feel secure and at peace through the transaction. As for our puppy he is amazing, he is playful and kind to our two young toddlers which was a very important thing for us. He is the perfect addition to our family, he is the sweetest little guy, and may I add extremely healthy as well! We live about 8 hours away from the place where the pup was originally from, and had to have him shipped to us. But the process was extremely smooth and the puppy looked like he was cared for carefully and thoughtfully throughout the trip. All in all I have so many wonderful things to say about my experience with getting our puppy, I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a puppy to add to their family. They are reliable, attentive, kind, and take amazing care of their puppies and will make you feel at ease throughout the entire process.

-Gaby G

Madison S
Five Stars

Such a great experience with Chris and the breeder! All of the questions we had were answered accurately and promptly. Chris was always kind and respectful and checked in with us before and after pickup of our new puppy! Our puppy came vaccinated, microchipped, and perfectly healthy as checked out by our own veterinarian. We highly recommend them!

-Madison S

Five Stars

I saw Elvira on the Lancaster's puppy FB page. Her sweet face spoke to me and we decided to see if she was still available. Once I contacted the breeders by text I got an immediate reply. We’ve never obtained a puppy states away before and we were a little apprehensive about how the process worked. It was a smooth transaction to put a deposit down and make arrangements to come pick her up in person. We drove 6hr each way to get her! We arrived at the farm where she was ready and waiting for us. All her papers and microchip was in order and we completed the transaction and took her home! We decided to change her name to Ellie. She did great on the ride home sitting on my lap the whole way. You could tell she had been socialized and has adapted to our home immediately! It was a great experience for us. Thank you.