Junior Yoder in Sugarcreek Ohio

Junior Yoder in Sugarcreek Ohio

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Customer Reviews

Five Stars

Junior Yoder was so kind and made the transaction so smooth. Our Murphy is so well adjusted and was so well taken care of I would recommend anyone looking for a new family member to use Junior Yoder. We love our Murphy.

-Amy Jones

Five Stars

We drive from Pittsburgh Pa to Sugarcreek Ohio to see April,a Bernedoodle. Junior greeted us. Showed us the puppy. Had her vet check and immunization ready. Gave us some food. Was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you for the beautiful puppy. She is a little shy but starting to feel right at home. I would recommend buying a Bernedoodle from him.

-Patrick and Jacqueline Anderson

Five Stars

My boyfriend and I just moved into our first home together in June of 2021. Something was missing from our new life together. I wanted a dog. I thought about waiting a year or so but I seen a picture of Riley online and I just had to have him. I messaged the breeder and within minutes I got a response that the puppy was available and we could get him that weekend! I was ecstatic! Paying the deposit for the pup was easy and convenient, being online. The breeder was very thorough and friendly. When we picked up the puppy, now named Benny, the breeder and his wife welcomed us with open arms. They were just as excited as we were. They supplied us with a bag of dog food and all of Benny’s medical history. He is a happy and healthy pup who is growing constantly. We are so lucky to have such an pleasant experience getting our first dog together thanks to Junior Yoder and his wife.

-Tiffany F

Five Stars

I first want to start off saying that I have been looking for a puppy since both of my dogs passed away within two weeks of each other in February. It was heartbreaking and the house was so lonely without a dog. So I initially put in an application to rescue a puppy out of state and waited two weeks without hearing if I had been approved or not so one day I just started looking online and found two sites with beautiful puppies, Buckeye Puppies and Lancaster Puppies. I was leery at first because we hear all these horrible stories about puppy mills down in southern Ohio so I did some research and found out that these puppies are actually sold on these sites from breeders.I found an Australian Shepherd mix that I fell in love with immediately. I called the number listed and got a recording that I could leave a message or send a text which would probably respond faster. I texted the number and said that I would like to make an appointment to meet the puppy and within 15 minutes of my original text, Chris texted me back and said she could arrange that.She said she’d get right back to me. In five minutes she texted back and asked if the next day would work and a good time to meet. We set it up for the next day. She discussed how we should handle the payment as well. She made it very easy to schedule and for that I am thankful. The next day, my husband and I set off for a beautiful ride to Sugarcreek, Ohio. We came upon a beautiful farm with rolling hills. As we approached we were greeted by a really sweet young lady who said she would be right back with our puppy. As she went to get him, her dad came out and we had a really good conversation with him. He answered all our questions we had and was such a nice man. The young lady came out with our puppy and the mama dog so we got to see him interact with her. You could tell this family loved these dogs. We brought Cody home and he has adapted so well. I can tell the breeder really put alot of time and effort into these puppies. He gets along with everyone and every dog he meets and I’m pretty sure they must have worked on potty training because he is doing so well. Also, he is a very good listener and already is so eager to learn.I would highly recommend Buckeye Puppies or Lancaster Puppies to anyone searching for their next pet. We were pleased with everything from the advertising agent to the breeder.

Thank you so much!

Darla R


Five Stars

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our experience adopting Tommy. He has been healthy and well adjusted since we picked him up in May. His crate and elimination training have been going very well, and his socialization in the neighborhood with many other pups has been a delight. He is growing FAST! He may push the 85-90 range at full growth!
Please know he is happy and experiencing all kinds of fun with other pups and kiddos! Thanks you for your assistance in adopting him, he is an absolutely amazing addition to our family!
Warmest regards,
Paul E

-Paul E

Five Stars

Hi my name is Alyssa. My family and I love Capone! He’s such a happy, playful loving puppy. Chris did an amazing job in assisting us meeting and bringing Capone home. We live in Illinois so Ohio was a 6.5 hour drive for us but Chris assured us along the way that we would get the puppy we had been looking forward to getting. He was everything and more! During the process we had a little set back with putting a hold on him and Chris and Junior agreed to hold him for us. When we met Junior he was very friendly & you can tell Capone loved him, he wasn’t your average breeder! I would recommend both Chris and Junior to anyone looking for an amazing Bernese mountain dog. Wonderful caring people and most trustworthy. Thank you so much Chris and Junior for making our family complete!

-Alyssa C

Five Stars

We just wanted to pass along what a great experience it has been in purchasing and receiving our new Bernedoodle puppy.  While initially we were nervous about the process, you put us at ease with your constant communication and updates. We appreciated your flexibility as well by meeting us at a location convenient to us.  While we never met the breeder, our puppy is beautiful, healthy and energetic.  We would have no reservations in recommending the breeder or your service.  Thanks again as we enjoy the newest member of our family.

The Zehnder Family

-Karen Z

Five Stars

My partner Alicia and I had a very memorable experience getting our new puppy, Rosie. Her middle name is Joy due to the great amount of it that is in our lives now because of her. Driving down to Sugarcreek and finding the farm was easy and a nice ride. The owner, Junior, was approachable and kind, and very easy to talk to. He let us spend a lot of time with the puppies before deciding Rosie was the one. Working with Chris was great as well. We were checked in on before and after we picked Rosie up, asking if we needed anything else. The farm was beautiful and peaceful, and we felt really comfortable and excited. We will definitely come back through this channel if we wish to get another puppy!

-Sincerely, Sarah and Alicia