Simon Yoder

Simon Yoder

Breeder Reviews

Heather T
Five Stars

Honestly, the thought of buying a puppy online without having seen him terrified me. We had been on waitlists with other breeders for months and once it came time to pick our puppy, I couldn’t follow through because it was clear they were a puppy mill. That’s when I went online and found my Benny.

From the moment I saw his face, I knew I had to inquire about him. Chris answered all of my questions immediately! She sent me stats and photos of parents, videos, and vet records. She walked me through the process and I felt very comfortable working with her We talked frequently and planned his pickup - her husband Terry even delivered him!

I could immediately tell that Benny had been well taken care of by the breeders, Simon and Katie. They helped make sure he was a fit for our family before we picked him up and evaluated his personality. Benny is a very happy and healthy pup (and so smart and sweet!) and is beginning his therapy dog training very soon! I highly recommend Chris if you’re looking for the next furry member of your family!

-Heather T

Nick P
Five Stars

Our family is very happy with our new Bernedoodle we found on The service was great and we were able to schedule a meeting next day with the breeders, who were very nice and helpful. overall it was a great experience and our family is happy to have our new dog.

-Nick P

Angela S
Five Stars

Our families experience adopting our puppy was a positive one. We were able to arrange everything quite fast, and picked up our puppy right at the breeder’s home. She was freshly bathed and handed over to us with kindness. We were provided enough food to transition without any trouble. With some love, attention & consistent training, she’s filled our families void. Thank you, Chris and breeders, for connecting us.

-Angela S

Five Stars

We are thrilled with our darling five month old mini sheepadoodle who came to us by way of Chris Hoover. Chris was incredibly helpful, thorough in answering our many questions, quickly responsive to all of our calls and texts, and she enabled us to do the due diligence we felt was critical before meeting our puppy, for the first time, at the breeder’s home to bring her home with us. The breeder was warm and lovely, our puppy was clearly well cared for, and we felt confident we had a wonderful match for our family. She is an absolute delight, a happy, calm, and joyful addition to our family. We are grateful to Chris for having walked us through every step of the way.


Michael S
Five Stars

I wanted to share how happy I am with my new pups and the process of finding and getting them. From the first stage of identifying them, understanding their behaviors, selecting, and ultimately having them delivered, the process was flawless and straightforward. Both of my pups are extremely happy, and I much appreciate all that you have done to contribute to a safe, efficient, and healthy process.

-Michael S

  • Sex: Litter
  • Registration: F1
  • Breeder: Simon Yoder
  • Status: Coming Soon
  • Price: Call for price