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Five Stars

Most recently my husband & I went to and we were redirected to the Breeder’s website Find My New Puppy (Mervin Miller) where we picked out Krystal. Krystal is now known as Brandy Krystal. Brandy is a Bernese Mini and the breeders are amazing because Brandy is a very smart girl. Her Dad is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her Mom is a full bred Bernese. We aren’t sure how Brandy’s size will turn out, but we don’t really care because when she arrived, it was love at first sight. Brandy has met quite a lot of family, people, and other dogs since she’s arrived, and everyone falls in love with her. She is very tiny. I have a 3 year old grandson that Brandy just loves.

Brandy hasn’t even been with us for a week, and she already understands “no”, she also found her voice, although she is very quiet, but she does let us know when she wants something i.e. to be picked up and cuddled, to eat, etc. I think again that is due to an amazing breeder.

Now the go between. I cannot say enough about Chris. She took the time to explain to me how the whole process was going to come to light, as in today’s world when you hear so much about paying for a pup and never receiving one, you have to be cautious. Chris not only answered all of my questions – silly or otherwise – she even took the time out of her busy day to call me to discuss how Brandy was going to be transported. She is pleasant, and she cares about the dogs that are purchased, and she also follows up to see how the pups are after being purchased. She takes care of everything and you get a great puppy. I would highly recommend Chris as the go between for you & the breeder. Again, I feel like Chris and I have a connection because she was fantastic with helping my family acquire Brandy.

Brandy came by vehicle transport, and when she got to us, the driver had mentioned that she didn’t eat or drink anything all day. Probably for the best though so she wouldn’t throw up. I took Brandy, and held her & she was shaking. I held her and comforted her and then fed her from my hand. Brandy is doing very well now and has no problem eating or drinking. Her first almost week is her getting used to our schedule as far as night time goes. She cries but as long as she knows we are there she is good. Brandy’s outdoor bathroom habits are awesome. Brandy had one accident but that was our fault, as with a new baby, a new puppy cries at night and the 2 of us were exhausted.

I would recommend Mervin Miller as the breeder as they obviously know what they are doing to put out such a great pup like Brandy, and I would recommend Chris because she is very knowledgeable & caring. I would also recommend Buddy Pet Transport, as they got Brandy to our family and she is fine! I recommend this process to anyone who wants a smart well-adjusted puppy.

-Joann M

Five Stars

Happy 1st Birthday Grace/Latoya!  Such a beautiful girl!  

Submitted by my mom Robin to Chris


Five Stars

I got a mini Aussiedoodle about 2 weeks ago and he’s perfect. I love him already and had no issues whatsoever. If you’re looking for a good dog for your household these are the ones for you.


Five Stars

My family recently purchased a Welsh Corgi puppy from Joseph Schlabach. The whole process was easy and fast, Chris did a great job coordinating pick up. I definitely recommend purchasing puppies from Joseph and I will definitely recommend my friends and family to contact Chris to purchase the puppies.

-Sal V

Five Stars

We went and picked up Silas just over a month ago and he has been the greatest addition to our family of 4! He has such a calm demeanor and is great with kids. When we take him places, everyone stops to say hi to him. I've gotten many compliments on how good and well behaved he is for being a puppy, which helped us find a good home for his sister! :)

Chris was very helpful and informative during the journey/process of getting Silas. She was always available to answer the many questions I had. The thing that stood out to me the most while working with Chris is that she reached out to me the night we brought Silas home, after a 6 hour drive, to see how he was doing! That shows how much she cares about the dogs and that they are going to a good home. Even a month after getting Silas, she is still answering questions that come up and asks for pictures and updates of how Silas is settling into his new home!


Five Stars

Let me tell you how awesome my experience was with how Chris handled everything from inquiries to acquiring my sweet Ellie!

Chris's responses to all of my (silly) questions were answered quickly and informative and professionally as she takes her job seriously for these puppies and you can tell how much she loves her involvement to make sure the puppies are the right fit for you.

The directions to Ellie's home, to the huge bag of food and her toy and blanket that she was sent home with. All her shot records were sent home with her so you know what to take to your own vet.

When I got Ellie home I still had questions and Chris was so quick to answer and soothe my fears of me not doing something right.

Chris you were a joy to work with and I know if I decide to get Ellie a playmate I will not hesitate to get ahold of you!!

Thank you again!

Ellie's Momma.


Five Stars

We picked up our Corgi at the breeders where we had our pick of the three remaining litter mates. All of the pups were playful, curious, and not the least bit skittish. They had been well socialized with the breeder’s daughters which was important since there are lots of kids in our neighborhood. He is a confident, playful, and healthy Corgi. We are really pleased with our little guy! Also Chris responded quickly to our calls/inquiries, and was helpful before, during and after the purchase of our Corgi Puppy!

-Carol A

Five Stars

I had purchased a male frenchton puppy back in February 2023 and I was hesitant at first purchasing through a website but I was so happy with my experience, I purchased the puppy through Chris and Find My New Puppy. I spoke with Chris and the family I got the puppy from were so reassuring and so kind and I appreciate it, the puppy is everything I could of hoped for and more, he has no health issues like advertised and like I said the whole experience was great, thank you


Five Stars

Edna Mae Erb was our breeder. We drove from NC to Ohio to get her and although coming through the mountains she got sick but so did I. But once the trip was over she came in our home like she owned it. I have an Aussie doodle who is 14 lbs and they play constantly. She has a vet appointment next week but she is so cuddly and sleeps on my pillow. I also love that she’s shed and dander free. Both of my babies are. Thank you Chris for all of your help setting the meeting up and allowing us to sleep in since we didn’t get to our room until midnight.


Five Stars

Thank you for chip! He’s healthy and happy and in great shape and loving his new house.
He’s still learning the ways of potty training but he’s a smart boy.

-Rachit S

Five Stars

We are absolutely IN LOVE! Our experience with Dennis & Fannie Hershberger was simply wonderful. You can tell these puppies are well taken care of.

-Chris & Meagan Cummins

Five Stars

Chris was very informative and honest on everything we needed to know. She also set up a convenient appointment. We met the breeder Raymond and he was very friendly and was patient with us. He gave us enough time to select the dog we wanted, and get to get to know all the puppies. Chris has been open to a lot question before, during, and after getting our puppy. We would recommend Chris and Raymond to anyone interested in buying a miniature goldendoodle.

-Nancy B